Best Travel Accessories To Make Your Life on the Road Easier

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, I love traveling and these top 5 travel accessories make both easier!

Nothing brings me more joy than visiting new places. I love meeting new people. Experiencing new things. Collecting new memories.
However, that love also has its price. A lot of bags to carry, a lot of things to pack, and even more ways to lose your baggage.
To reduce these inconveniences to a minimum, I’m always searching for the best travel accessories. Things that’ll help me and make my life and travel easier and more enjoyable. Above all, I’m sharing with you my top 5 best travel accessories. I’ve been using these the past few months and I can recommend them to you as well.

1. Frux Home and Yard Picnic Backpack

First on the list of best travel accessories is a must! For instance, if you plan on doing lots of hiking, canoeing, camping, or excursions while you’re traveling I highly recommend investing in a picnic backpack.

One of the top costs in traveling is food, and a lot of places can be an overpriced nightmare. My favorite tip is going to the local market for food and taking along this picnic backpack.

I prefer this one as opposed to other brands. It features padded shoulder straps that allow you to carry the bag for long periods of time without causing any pain. It also keeps food fresh and has a bonus bottle holder for water, alcohol, or other beverages. Let’s be honest, I’ve only used it for wine. There’s a lot of other great and handy accessories worth checking out as well!

The Frux Home and Yard Picnic backpack for 4 is already priced lower than almost every other option on, and for a limited time now you can get an additional 50% off! Click here or the “Save 50% on Amazon right now!” to see if this coupon is still live!

2. AirBolt Smart Lock

The AirBolt is the world’s first Bluetooth enabled smart travel lock which uses an app on your phone to unlock.

There’s nothing more stressful than losing your wallet. Or leaving your valuable belongings out in the open. And now you don’t need to worry about it ever again! And this is exactly why this made the list of the best travel accessories!

The AirBolt has many features. My favorite is the location tracking technology which can help you find your bag if it’s lost or stolen. The price is a little steep ($79.95 USD) but it is weather resistant, rechargeable, and features proximity alerts, and more!

3. NEWVANGA Travel Adapter

If you’re planning on traveling internationally, a travel adapter is a must have and is always a good one to have in your travel accessories lineup.

Finding the right power adapter is as simple as looking up the plug standard for your destination, buying it, and packing your suitcase.

However, if you travel often, it can get expensive and unnecessary to have several different adapters.

This travel adapter is my favorite and made my best travel accessories list because it accepts plugs from more than 150 countries.

So you never have to worry about whether or not the adapter will work where you are going, it is also small and can effortlessly fit in your pocket, carry on, or packing cube (see below) for easy access.

4. Compass Rose Packing Cubes

best travel accessories - compass rose packing cubes

And #4 on my list of best travel accessories is so essential! I absolutely love these little miracle workers. If there is one thing I regret it’s not buying these sooner. They are inexpensive and will completely transform the way you pack.

I can’t tell you how many times I would pack and unpack. Or spend hours neatly folding everything only to tear it all apart trying to find a specific shirt.

Now when I pack, I divide everything into these cubes. In addition, I’ll put shirts in the first one, pants in the second, socks and underwear in the third and makeup/toiletries in the fourth. After that, the best part is if I want to make sure I’ve packed something I don’t need to rip apart my whole suitcase to find it!

5. BauBox Travel Jacket

One thing you learn fast if you travel a lot is how to pack a months worth of clothes and other stuff you probably don’t need but are convinced you will, into one suitcase and one carry on.

Now thanks to this jacket you can have space for everything without having to pay additional charges for extra luggage. And that’s exactly why it made my list of best travel accessories!  Although the price is a little steep ($135-$300 USD depending on the style), this jacket offers over 25 features that a regular coat does not.

To give you an idea of why this jacket made the list (and justify the price a little) … for instance, it includes multiple storage pockets for things like your phone, tablet, and sunglasses as well as a built-in inflatable neck pillow, detachable gloves, and much much more.