Best Camping Lantern for Emergency, Backpacking, Hiking, Home and More!

When it comes to buying the best camping lantern, one would think that there’s not much to think about.

If it gives light, it’s good, right? Well, not exactly.

With hundreds of brands and thousands of models to choose from, buying the best camping lantern is not an easy task.

They camping lanterns come in a variety of shapes, colors, price points, and with different sets of features.

To help you make the best choice possible, I’m sharing with the list of things you should consider before you make your final decision.

1: What will you use the lantern for

Being clear on how and where you plan to use the lantern will have great effect on your decision-making process.

For example, if you plan to use it for fishing, the most important feature you should be looking for is if it’s waterproof.

If you plan to use it on camping in the woods, your #1 concern should be “is it bright enough.”

If you’re buying one to have it handy when there’s a power outage, then you should probably look for how long the battery will last.

Very rarely one size fits all and all of the above will help you pick the best camping lantern.

2: How bright it is

For some uses, you’ll need a camping lantern that is very bright. Other times, low brightness will do the job.

If you look around, you’ll see lanterns ranging from 100 lumens to 1,100.

I recommend you go for the upper range of the spectrum for the best camping lantern. Most camping lanterns in that range have an option to choose lower brightness, so you can adjust it according to your needs. Click the “Save 50% on Amazon right now!” to see if this coupon is still available!

3: Where will you place the lantern

Some camping lanterns come with a non-slip base, and you can place them safely on almost every surface.

Others can hang on a tent or a tree.

If you plan to use it in various places, then the best camping lantern should have both options.

The Internova 800 Monster Lantern is a good example of this.

4: What’s the quality of the camping lantern build

The last thing you want to happen is for your camping lantern to break when you need it the most.

To prevent that from happening, you need to make sure that the camping lantern is built from durable materials.

5: Does the manufacturer stand behind its product

As I already mentioned, there are many manufacturers of camping lanterns on the market, but not all of them have the best camping lanterns.

Some make high-quality products. Some make cheap products and are open about it.

But some make cheap products and try to push them as high-quality ones.

To avoid being scammed, make sure that the manufacturer gives some kind of warranty and, ideally, a money-back guarantee on their camping lantern.

This way you’re protecting yourself, because you can return the product if it’s not as advertised, or replace it doesn’t’ work as it should.

In the end, why should you trust in their product if they themselves are not trusting its quality.

6: What’s your budget

Because of the variety of features and characteristics, the price can also vary.

You can find some very simple ones for no more than $20, and they go up to $200 and beyond. But the best camping lantern isn’t always the most expensive.

I don’t like those extremes. I always prefer the middle ground. Personally, I wouldn’t spend more than $40 on a lantern. I just don’t see the value that justifies the price above $40-$50.

But again, everything will depend on your needs and your budget.
And there you go.

Some of the things listed here might be obvious, some of them not. All in all, you know have a clearer picture of what to look for, what to avoid, and how to be safe when you’re buying your next (or your first) camping lantern.

Stay safe.

P.S. I get a lot of messages from people asking me what the best camping lantern is that I use and recommend. Personally, I use Internova’s 800 Monster LED Lantern. It fits all of my criteria and needs. And with the price point of just $34.97, it won’t break your bank. You can check it out on Amazon by clicking here or the “Save 50% on Amazon right now!” button below to see if the discount is still live!